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Vikasha Electronics (Madras)  Pvt. Ltd , started in 1993, by two technocrats each having more than fifteen years of experience in development and  marketing instruments based on processors  and computer peripherals.  It’s  focus  is in  servicing the needs of  professional educational institutions  by offering standard products and development of  custom built embedded products for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Vikasha is proud to have in its list well known players in the industry and   to mention a few, are GE Alsthom,  India Meters,  Lucas TVS,  Integrated Process Automation.  Its range of embedded instruments include  electronic relays and weighing scales, energy meters, scanners, process indicators etc.,   The educational segment has a range of products in microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP kits, communication and RFID kits, with satisfied clients list touching hundred engineering colleges, in  Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala.    

 Vikasha is in the process of implementing expansion in product range in VLSI  and  marketing simulation software for educational and industrial segment. It has  already established its presence as a channel partner for marketing PSPICE software from Cadence.  Its focus will be to make its presence in wider market segment at the national and global level by next year end.





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