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Advantages of Social Media

The reach of social media has left the world speechless. It permitted individuals to have interfaces with companions and family members continuously. It has allowed communications through various media. Furthermore, it has now given brands and business houses the chance to connect with individuals in a manner that was not conceivable before.

In this blog, we will be listing some positives of social media.

  1. One of the biggest advantages is the reach social media has- geographical boundaries are not applicable when it comes to an active internet connection on a device. Marketers make use of this lack of boundaries to create digital presence for brands even before they’re established in a certain area- everyone has heard of Tesla but it sells in only 34 countries.
  1. The humongous audience base it provides is all thanks to social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Collectively, there are around 4-5 billion users on these 5 platforms combined and the lack of geographical restrictions allows the companies to tap into a wider audience base, even if its just to create awareness.
  1. Ads- optimization and tracking

Social media platforms allow you to select your daily ad budget and choose your target audience with the social media marketing features they provide. Customization has made the ads an even more attractive feature for business owners- both local and global.

Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the most sought after marketing tools. With these ads, you can track the performance of these and scale their reach with the analytical reports too.

  1. Cost effectiveness

These social media marketing tools are cost effective for big international companies as well as small businesses too. Traditional marketing which consists of physical distribution of flyers, magazines, newspaper ads and even e-mails are significantly costlier than the new age social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and any other platform on the internet.

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