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Vikasha consultancy, offers better end-to end website development administrations which are imaginatively made to construct a huge computerized presence for your brand.

Website Development Company Toronto

Having a misguided or executed website can be impeding to the wellbeing of your business since your website addresses your brand, gives it a touchpoint and is therefore, advancing the business. Picking a website development organization which is trusted and reliable in their work is the initial step to make advanced progress for your business both locally, in Calgary and universally.

The process at Vikasha-

Our team of website creating specialists are profoundly talented and work thoroughly to deliver an outstanding website that clearly sells. Our openness is the thing that we value consistently, proactively moving toward headways and conveying every last detail to keep you on top of it guaranteeing the vision we execute is consistent with your brand personality.

We follow light-footed strategy standards to create the most effective results and significant programming arrangements.


  1. Getting to know the brand and the clients

This is the underlying piece of the cycle which gives premise to research and arranging. The team works intimately with you, gathering data about the brand and all its connected components and studies any past data. This is where the digestion of all brand related information happens and the necessities are evaluated.

  1. Website Planning and Envisioning

This is the planning stage. A course to the website is given; the strategist works together with UX (User experience), plan and the trained professionals. An outline for the website is made here. The final product is a procedure report which assesses the financial plan, assets, future and current requirements.

  1. Front and back-end coding

We follow the r standards of agile system to guarantee significance and productivity. Our development teams are exceptionally fastidious and proficient, wearing familiarity with different web development dialects PHP, Ruby on rails and java to give some examples. The work is conveyed well inside financial plan and on schedule, without trading off the work quality.

  1. Quality Assurance

With merciless and nonstop assessment, our team attempts to destroy any bugs or mistakes.

  1. The substance the board system preparing and Launch

We walk you through the Content Management system and ensure the motors are fit to be fired up and dispatched. Our website development organization carries an incentive to the clients and to your business by assisting you with making an all-around organized and simple to utilize website for your brand.


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