Commitment, for the lack of a better word, is the mainstay of human social life. One’s investment in any form gives rise to commitment on another’s part. But, simply phrasing it that way takes away the impassioned aspect affixed to the practice.

Enough motivation can drive a man to reach for the stars, metaphorically, but it can also keep a man grounded to a certain place, given that he takes pride in the work he does. In simple words, a motivated man commits and stays true to the commitment when doing something he believes in.

Commitment does not weigh down, rather uplifts when made in a rightful place and a nurturing environment. Dedication and sincerity are the pillars on which a commitment stands, creating a sense of joint action and reliability. A mutual understanding is needed for a commitment to be effectuated along with candour on both ends, freedom in expression and a goal driven mindset. On the organisation’s part, commitment to the organisation’s purpose, to innovate, to introspect, to the employees and the consumers is the fundamental to build a company on.

A committed employee works his best to create a committed consumer, maximising productivity and output and ensuring a reservoir of trust is built banking upon the satisfaction of the customer’s and consequently, the society. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Making the world a better place, in any little way possible?

In the organisational world, it is often aimed for but not always achieved and that has to change, for we are now living in a world belonging to the generation which does not take kindly to an ignorant and effortless venture which is not giving back to the society. Organisations which thrive on performative allyship are getting called out for their non-existent commitment to causes which are now being given the importance and spotlight they deserve. Commitment to creating the world a better place than we found it is the way forward and one of the most universal commitments there are out there, owing to its personal and communal nature. Organisations, in conclusion, commit to the people in and around them, be it in the form of their services, products or their contribution to causes concerning the betterment and upliftment of humankind.

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