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Drone maker Delair spins out its computer vision platform to create Alteia

Delair, the fixed-wing drone manufacturing company based in France, announced this week that its drone data platforms’ will shift to a brand new (separate) company, Alteia.

Delair had been manufacturing commercial drones for sectors like mining, construction, and agriculture.

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The new company would exclusively focus on improving and managing the AI sector of Delair. According to Michael de Lagarde, the head of the new company, it was the need of the hour to separate Delair’s workload and create a company that would specifically take care of the large amount of visual data developed by the drone sector. Along with the hardware drone sector, its visual intelligence platform had grown massively in the previous years. The CEO said that it was essential to separate the company’s hardware and software platform so that each company can exclusively focus on their sectors only. The hardware drone sector, which now faces stiff competition from DJI(a Chinese firm producing cheaper drones), is slow-paced compared to the software platform that had become famous in recent years for its AI-driven software technologies.


Delilah specializes in the commercial manufacture of beyond visual sight long-range drones(BVLOS). The BVLOS drones engage in a cloud-based platform which receives data directly from the drones control unit( or drone computer) and intelligently integrates it to provide long-range beyond visual sight views and improved tracking. To assist the users, the software intelligently creates a 3D and 2D model from the data received.


The CEO also said that due to the massive success of Delair’s smart software components, which uses AI for simplification and analysis of the vast amount of drone data. It was necessary to launch a standalone product to provide visual intelligence for enterprises and a software system that would work with most drone computer systems. Small and big organizations can use the same analytics tool. After the launch, Alteil would provide an end to end service between the consumer and the company to help the customers with their data analytics and Business Insights.


Due to its AI solutions, which helps industry experts & business analysts to manage their visual data, Alteia already has global partnerships with various market leaders like Intel, Microsoft, Enedis & GE digital.

Intel in 2017 signed a hundred million deal with Delair to improve its Intel Insight platform. Enedis, in the coming years, would use the smart visual intelligence platform to enhance its electricity grid operations and management.

Microsoft has come to improve its Azure Product Services. Agnes Walle, Microsoft France, talked about integrating Microsoft’s infrastructure and computing capability with that of Altelia’s AI-driven platform to develop market-specific AI software in the fields of manufacturing and agriculture.

GE Digital’s Senior vice president of product management stated that the company takes the AI technologies to improve working in various sectors, including electricity and vegetation management.

These partnerships would help provide better AI-driven computer vision technologies to customers & organizations in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy management, and maintenance industries.

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