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Google Word Coach Tests Your Vocabulary Knowledge In Bite-Sized Questions

Google word coach is a new feature that Google offers on a web browser. It is an informative and fun game. It helps in improving your vocabulary. Google shows the meaning and synonyms of words when you search for ‘word meaning’ or ‘define the word.’ You can find the meanings of these words in the dictionary or thesaurus that Google offers.

The Google word coach comes in complement when you search for a word’s meaning. It is a sort of quiz that gives you two options. You have to select the correct option among them. It is an engaging and fun game.

How you can learn through google word coach quiz

People learn new words quickly through these quizzes. Google word coach pops up below the dictionary in the form of a card. It has five direct questions that ask to select the word that has a similar meaning. Also, you can invoke Google word coach directly on your phone.

You have to type ‘Google word coach’ in the search tab, and you will find it in one click. You get a score after every round, and you can share it on social media. This score resets every time you reopen it. Also, you get explanations of the answer. So, it enhances your vocabulary quickly. There is a skip option too. You can again go to the second round if you wish.

google word coach quiz

This feature of Google offers its home screen icon for instant access. So, you can play the quiz with a single click. However, it becomes a good practice to play this quiz daily. It improves your English vocabulary. You come across new words which enhance your word stock. Google word coach is an educational game that engages you in a fun way. So, it is the best way to test and improve your vocabulary.

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The questions in word coach vary from synonyms, meanings to antonyms as well. Some of the questions include images too. You can easily find the quiz in the form of cards. These cards pop when you search for the meaning or synonym of any word. It is an excellent initiative for non-English speakers or for those who are weak in English.

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This feature helps a lot to enhance their English speaking and learning skills. Those whose English is good and want to pass their time in productive activity can utilize this feature. It has been launched for non-English countries. Further, it might come in other languages too.

This game is fun and addictive. This feature was included in 2018 in non-English speaking countries. But this game is not visible to the countries whose mother language is English. It helps a lot in expanding the vocabulary knowledge in non-English speaking countries like India. This game appears in a small card-like box.

It asks you a straightforward question in the beginning and, later on, increases the difficulty level. You do not require any third-party app to play this game. So, it is the best way possible to test your knowledge and expand your word book. 

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