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How to create stronger B2B sales channel and increase conversion?

Selling anything today depends hugely on the ‘internet presence’ of a product or service.  It may even become the difference between a sale made or not. In the industry, B2B sales are no different- they get influenced by the social media presence as much as a regular consumer does while being a tad bit more critical of the presentation. Nearly 90% buyers make their buying decisions based off of internet searches.

Some of the best ways you can utilize the internet for your B2B sales and conversion rates are discussed in the section below.

  • Lead-scoring

Lead scoring is the categorization of your leads on the basis of their readiness to buy, i.e., how close they are to buying the product. It ranges from those who are unlikely to buy to those who are in urgency to buy. One benefit is the way this strategy links the intensity of marketing to the actual sales made. B2B conversion rates are usually lower than B2C rates but this problem can be overcome with the use of effective lead scoring- spend time and money on the businesses which are on the higher end of the ‘likely to buy’ spectrum.

  • Data driven thinking

Analysis of data should be top priority in any business and the data presented should be the backbone of all decisions made. Predictive Marketing Analysis (PMA) is a vast topic to cover in detail, but as part of the data driven decision making bullet, it can simply be called the game changer when it comes to engaging, attracting and retaining industry consumers.

Strengthening your B2B marketing strategy is what PMA is about. Analyse, iterate- reiterate, interpret and utilize consumer data from all platforms to come up with the perfect link to establish a higher conversion rate with the use of the internet.

If your business has roots in the virtual world already but its not making a difference in your leads and conversion rates, then you may be on the inactive side of the internet. Let us help in shining the light on your business and getting it out there.

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