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Is E-A-T a Google Ranking Factor to Worry About?

Who in this world doesn’t wish to stand in front of queue when it comes to attaining top Google ranking for their business? The simple answer is nobody. As such, the platform itself is loaded each day with tons of pages, and that’s where the competition for appearing in top 10 of the organic search results on Google start. Search engine optimizers are always on their toes in trying to tame the search engine because of its ever-changing algorithms. Everyone wishes to keep the pace with Google algorithms. There is a constant effort by Google to not only check for quantity of content, but also their focus is shifting towards verifying the quality of content and the quality of entire pages in technical terms. Before we delve further if E-A-T a Google Ranking Factor to worry about, we should first understand what is E-A-T?


E-A-T – Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness!

For determining if a webpage displays quality content and is useful, the Google crawler scan the page for its purpose, the amount and quality of the content, the author, the source, the publisher details, structuring and placement of the content, and also technical stuff like page load time and how the end users are going to interact with the page. All these parameters together determine a page’s E-A-T score by the Google crawler. Thus, for your web developer or SEO Company in Toronto, it is really important to focus more on all such parameters to rank higher on Google. This is how the Google search engines are upgraded to perceive any content that you upload before assigning an E-A-T score. Your website will perform poorly and yield no outputs until you evaluate and fix these parameters.

Tips to Improve E-A-T Score!

To comply with the new guidelines of Google and to rank higher, here we list some of the things that you can do to maintain or rank higher on Google: 

  1. Ensure Uploading Content That is Factually Correct – If you belong to any of the industries such as medical, financial, or legal, make sure to upload factually correct data to improve your overall E-A-T score.
  1. Try Working with Experts – Professionals belonging to your domain can only churn the best content, and try to work with professionals of your domain who can generate and publish only quality content. Hiring an expert technical writer to outline, draft, create, and publish the content as per your business need can do the trick for you.
  1. Pay Special Attention to Highlight Your Identity – If you are specialized in a particular field, don’t hesitate to publish things that highlight and define your true and verifiable professional identity. Let your contact details, credentials, and positive reviews by your customers speak for you.
  2. Check for Core Web Vitals – Avoid uploading heavy unpolished content that can increase the page loading time. E-A-T score is also impacted if you have images and videos on your site that makes your webpage heavier. E-A-T also evaluates how the end user interacts with your webpage and monitors for their behaviour if the user is driven away due to page loading difficulties or how much time they have spent on your website.

If you find the above information truly useful and interested in complying with E-A-T parameters to rank higher on Google, you can contact the experts from Vikasha, a Toronto Web Design Company, Canada which has many professionals with special experience and expertise in fixing any such issues. This Calgary SEO company is extremely popular for their professionals and their quality of service to ensure stringent compliance with the latest Google algorithms and guidelines.

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