School Closures And Their Effects On Parenting

School Closures And Their Effects On Parenting

The Covid effect has been seen in all parts of our society including the shift from traditional schooling to online schooling for all students. While this shift may seem like an easily adaptable one, it may not be as uncomplicated and undemanding for the parents. This applies to students from all age groups, although the struggles may be of different types and magnitudes.

School Closures And Their Effects On Parenting

While the struggle is real and for working parents, somehow even more profound, here are a few tips to help keep your kids busy and make sure their mental health is not being compromised.

  • Set realistic expectations from the kids when it comes to schooling and education- all the time they spend at home does not mean it’s available for exclusively studying. Hurling all those expectations may disturb them by throwing them off a good work-play balance.
  • Activities are fun! For you and your kids as well. Prepare arts and creative release activities. These help in good engagement and distract them from spending unnecessary time on their screens.
  • Activities like working out or even playing some competitive games indoors can help channel the extra energy they have. This also results in keeping them fit.
  • One really important for notice is the maintenance of a routine. While you’re working, keep them occupied with some tasks that can be done routinely like house chores. This makes the process of adaptation to life under lockdown easier for the kids.
  • Do not give false optimism to the students in your home. This situation is probably one of the most unexpected and unpredictable situations our generation has witnessed so far and giving false hope only for it to be shattered brings the morale down and can cause mental exhaustion.

While nobody has the parenting thing down but there are a lot of tips and tricks that can be used for making your kids adjust to this life for a while and ensuring their mental health is not suffering under any circumstances.

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