Social Media Agency Toronto


Vikasha consultancy is a Social Media Agency Toronto which provides the correct social media strategy to fuel your brand’s growth. We are a result driven social media marketing agency, headquartered in Toronto, Canada with an intimate communication style to ensure the social media advertising proves to be a hit out of the park. We cannot stress enough on the importance of having a trusted social media management company on your roster in the business world because your digital presence reflects on your business. Did someone call for us?

We cover all the bases of successful and complete social media management  – including services like Branding, SEO (Search engine optimization), Website design and development, CRO(Conversion rate optimization), audio and visual media production and more, all the while keeping our cost effectiveness to the maximum degree.

Social Media Agency Toronto
Social Media Agency Toronto

Our focus remains on boosting website traffic, engagement and conversions to help our clients outperform their competitors. We go above and beyond to create an uptick in online conversations about the brand, i.e. to establish brand awareness for maintaining relevancy even in the face of ever evolving social media marketing trends. 

Our comprehensive social media campaigns which include the most engaging, relevant and promotional content really help in outsourcing the digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, google ads, and more. It helps in making the brand reach a larger audience.

Our approach to strategy is centred on long term growth through community engagement and social networking. On top of the frictionless strategy formation, our team of marketing experts and analysts work in sync with you to make sure the process is never frantic. Afterall, communication is clarity.

The process works in simple steps with underlying complexities you let us handle-

  1. Reviewing your pre-existing advertising strategy.
  2. Content creation after an intense session of soaking up knowledge about the brand.
  3. Client approval.
  4. Publishing content.
  5. Ads and promotion.
  6. Tracking results.

We are a performance media agency and we believe in going the extra mile with our involvement in projects, our way of working almost makes us seem like an extension of the brand which can be owed to the passion we bring to the table.

In conclusion, we are turning social media into an asset for your business.

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