The process of controlling your online presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter producing, publishing, and evaluating content that you share is social media management. Social media management, however, means communicating and connecting with consumers of social media.

In every digital marketing campaign, social media is an essential element. A well- managed social media company page’s potential is to drive new traffic to your website, generate new leads, increase sales, and increase brand mentions.

Vikasha is a marketing agency that provides companies looking to increase their business’s reach online with a variety of digital marketing solutions. We provide social media management service, high-quality content, regular activity, tracking-engagement, and increased followers. We transform your social media presence.

We understand that you need more time to attend to your business and other services you provide. We at Vikasha make sure that you leave the burden of managing your social media accounts in our competent hands. Our social media management services save more time for brands and businesses when delivering results. We know that your clients use social media regularly. You need to keep them engaged and linked to your brand so that you are still their first choice. We have a great experience in turning social media advertising efforts into more leads and sales.



As a Social Media Manager, are you posting for me?

Yes, we do. The Management of Social Media is a ghost service. We post on your social media pages, like YOU, under your handles and different accounts. When we post on your handles, people won't know unless you tell them.

How often do you post for clients?

We post 2-3 times a week for most customers. For others, we publish once a week. We are, however, firm believers in social media content over quantity worth. We put so much effort into ensuring that our customers profit far more from 2-3 high-quality posts a week than from 7 or more unpolished posts a week.

Does Vikasha respond to comments and questions on our social media pages?

On your social media accounts, Vikasha responds to comments. We ask for a list of popular questions and general information about your business when you sign up so that we can answer most problems on your social media accounts. We will direct them to contact your customer service if there is anything that we don't respond to or need a more comprehensive response.

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