Third-party magnetic 'iPhone 12' wireless charger debuts ahead of Apple event

Third-party magnetic ‘iPhone 12’ wireless charger debuts ahead of Apple event

Apple is launching iPhone 12 this month, and MPOW, an organization from Japan producing third-party appliances, in a press release has announced a wireless charging system for iPhone 12. This wireless charging system is specifically tailored for the iPhone 12 and can be magnetically attached to the phone’s back. Some sources say that this technology would be used in all upcoming Apple devices starting from this model.

The charger, which would attach against the back of Apple’s iPhone 12 with the help of a ring-shaped magnet, would be released by MPOW in mid-December. The charger is specifically tailored to take care of various charging issues that were found in iPhone 11.

The charger utilizes the magnet placement inside the iPhone 12 device and uses a Specially shaped magnet(ring-shaped) to attach the charger to the device firmly. It is claimed that this will solve most of the current power transfer issues found in devices post iphone8. The technology is more advanced and fore visioned than all the other traditional charging technologies. It’s more convenient & efficient as it is easy and placing the device on the charging pod. The magnets’ calculated placements ensure that the charger and device are aligned correctly for a halt free charging. However, it is to be noted that this charger would specifically work for iPhone 12 only and not for previous models.


Earlier, Apple had announced their wireless charger called AirPower with which they tried to solve the wireless charging issues incurred by users with previous iPhone versions. However, the program was scrapped in 2019. In their recent announcements, Apple stated that this year Apple is also planning to unveil a new charging system(like the Airpower) called MagSafe and release it with iPhone 12 in October.


By the end of this year, we may see two wireless chargers in the market by Apple named MagSafe & MagSafe Duo. There isn’t any official announcement, but it is rumored that MagSafe would support charging for only the iPhone, whereas multiple simultaneous charging is supported on MagSafe Duo.

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However, the release date for the wireless charger hasn’t been confirmed yet. Apple claims that with the new MagSafe Duo system, users would be able to charge an iPhone and Apple Watch & AirPods simultaneously.


Apple had earlier claimed that the AirPower system would charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once, but the actual product was never released. For a long, Apple had been trying to solve the various charging issues that users had been confronting right from the preliminary versions of Apple’s wireless charging technologies. Failure to address the problems led to gates for third-party manufacturers like MPOW in the apple charger industry.


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