Web Design Company Toronto

Web Design Company Toronto

Vikasha Consultancy is a Web Design Company Toronto that helps you adapt and grow your brand online.

We provide cost-effective e-commerce website design services essential for the growth of a business catering to any market in the present day.

Our team believes in letting our actions speak- we talk business and we talk it well.

The importance of being online with your brand is stressed enough already. We need to understand the importance of HOW to take it online- the process MATTERS!

Web Design Company Toronto

Right here in Toronto, we offer you custom web development services put together to celebrate the uniqueness of your brand. The process looks a little like this-

  1. Getting to know YOUR brand through YOU

Personalization can be a very effective tool in branding and we make sure we know what we are selling when we take up the job.

  1. Envisioning the site

We believe an outstanding brand deserves an outstanding strategy to outshine the competitors in the market. We give a direction to the website and set the tone for your brand. Our team comes together with a strategy document elaborating on the User Experience, content, design, platforms, and more.

  1. Planning

Our team comes up with a blueprint for the site keeping your vision intact.

  1. Design

We bring the website to life in this part and optimize the design to fit all screens and devices.

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

This step ensures your website’s content is made to maximize visibility and rankings on search engines like google, Bing, and more.

  1. Quality Assurance & Launch

We keep you in the loop for every step forward but there can never be enough reviewing before the big day. Our team simply loves hearing from you- for all good reasons. We walk you through the details on every element of the site before handing it over but we never lose touch- we are here for every question and every celebration too!

Sell your brand on a website that is YOUR vision created by us.

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