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Web design inspiration: Top sources used by pro designers

The number of tools and platforms for web design are exceedingly overwhelming and as a web designer, its important to de clutter- both your brain and inspirations.

The key to finding inspiration as a web designer is similar to finding inspiration in any field of work- you simply browse.

Here, in this article, you find the top sources which are used by pro web designers use.

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#1 We have awards, offering one of the largest collections of websites, at over 11000 designs. You have creatives competing for site of the year, month or day. Each website has ratings corresponding to usability, aesthetics, content, creativity and development quality. One of the downsides though, is, that it requires you to pay to submit and the code is difficult to recreate.

#2   Site inspire offers a no hassle 3 column layout to help browse quickly. You have categories which can be further filtered with tags, this is probably one of features which makes it easy to use. With site inspire you have a large database but it lacks web designs from platforms like wordpress and pagecould.


#3 Best Website Gallery


If you want a collection tagged by colour, scheme, cms and service, this user friendly resource is the one for you.

With over 2500 designs, the functionality and the feasibility, its one of the favourites of web designers across the platforms. But this is also its limitation- while it offers you a historic read into how websites have changed over the years, it does so while retaining those older designs and offers no way to submit newer ones. So, you’re left with outdated designs in abundance and limited newer designs.


#4 Webdesign inspirations gives you access to thousands of live websites and templates . It can be said it offers a good mix of all the other tools- with great filtering and functionality. On top of that, it offers a view of the site with desktop, tablet and mobile views. One of the only downsides is the loud advertising which can be distracting from work.


#5 Pinterest

As Pinterest, being the largest visual search engine, deserves a place on the list. Pinterest has one of the most powerful filtering systems prompted by keywords and elements opened as “pins”.  Pinterest does not do live websites as much as mock-ups and helps design communities like behance and dribble. Pinterest is easy to use and allows a lot more personalisation with boards. Downsides include the absence of live websites and difficult to translate codes which do not respond well. Even so, from the point of view of inspiration Pinterest is easily one of the best ones. Easy-to-use search functionality including search suggestions;

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