Website Development Company Toronto

Website development Company Toronto

Vikasha consultancy, Website development company in Toronto, offers superior end-to-end website development services which are innovatively crafted to build an immense digital presence for your brand.

Having a poorly planned or executed website can be detrimental to the health of your business since your website represents your brand, gives it a touch point and is consequently, promoting the business. Choosing a website development company which is trusted and consistent in their work is the first step to achieve digital success for your business both locally, in Toronto and globally.

What does the process look like at Vikasha Consultancy, Toronto ?

Our  team of website developing experts are highly skilled and work rigorously to produce a memorable website that surely sells. Our accessibility is what we pride ourselves on- every step of the way, we are proactively approaching advancements and communicating every little detail in order to keep you in the loop ensuring the vision we execute is true to your brand identity. We are flexible in working with both rigid and vague ideas of the website.

Website Development Company Toronto

We follow agile methodology principles to produce the most efficient outcomes and relevant software solutions. AGILE methodology is a practice that works continuously on the development and testing throughout the development lifecycle of the project.


  1. Getting to know the brand and the users

This is the initial part of the process which provides basis for research and planning. The team works closely with you, gathering information about the brand and all its related elements and studies any previous information. This is the stage where the assimilation of all brand related knowledge takes place and the requirements are assessed.

  1. Website Planning & Envisioning

This is the strategizing phase. A direction to the website is given; the strategist collaborates with UX (User experience), design and the content specialists. A blueprint for the website is created here. The end result is a strategy document which evaluates the budget, resources, future and current needs.

  1. Front and back-end coding

We follow the core principles of agile methodology to ensure relevancy and efficiency. Our development teams are highly meticulous and capable, sporting fluency in various web development languages- PHP, Ruby on rails & java to name a few. The work is delivered well within budget and on time, without compromising the work quality.

  1. Quality Assurance
    With ruthless and continuous evaluation, our team works to eradicate any bugs or errors.
  1. The content management system training & Launch

We walk you through the Content Management system and make sure the engines are ready to be revved and launched. Our website development company brings value to the users and to your business by helping you create a well structured and easy to use website for your brand.

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